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Five Steps Toward Green Building

Trap the heat

The best way to save energy is to build an energy efficient home, well insulated - keeping the heat inside during the winter and the home cool in the summer.

Natural Daylighting 

Take advantage of the sun for in home lighting during the day to reduce daylight energy use in the home.

Capture the Sun

Combine passive solar design with active solar electricity and hot water. It’s a great way to reduce energy bills.

Improve Air Quality

Choose interior finishes and establish effective cure times that will reduce harmful air pollution, This along with selecting a heating system to bring fresh, filtered air into your home will bring air quality to a higher level.

Use the Earth's Resources Wisely

Use effective site location to establish a solar aspect, design to meet day lighting requirements, plus recycle and reduce waste your project may entail.


Green Building is a new term for an old concept, established many generations ago, simply stated it means to build wisely.

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